Don't forget to tip! 

Here are some helpful tips for anyone who's running a business. (These tips are coming from my years of experience working closely with the public in customer service positions at well known multi-million dollar companies such as Georgia State University, The Coca-Cola Company, Emory University, and Acadia Healthcare.) 



#1 The customer is NOT always right, sometimes they are very wrong. But, the customer is always important and wants to be treated as such. Strive for a reasonable compromise if possible. 


#2 Make sure all signage is:

LEGIBLE-Customers need to be able to read what it says. NOT CONFUSING OR MISLEADING- Make sure all information on the sign is simple and accurate. It should not advertise something that has already expired and it should correctly display the hours of operation and have visible notations of any changes to those hours. 

EYE-CATCHING-Customers should be drawn to your sign before any questions arise.

SPELLED CORRECTLY-Spelling is very important if you want your business to be taken seriously.

USES PROFESSIONAL GRAMMAR-Please make sure that the subject(s) agrees with the predicate in the sentence or clause.  


#3 People love to feel appreciated and they love things that are free or discounted. Offer your customers ways to receive prizes or discounts for supporting your business and develop new and exciting ways to show your appreciation for them. Customer appreciation can take your business to new levels. 


#4 You may think that your business is great, but what do your customers think? Be open to feedback from your customers.


#5 Be available. Customers want to talk to real people who are knowledgeable, patient, and empathetic when they have issues or complaints. 


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